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State of the game
The game is currently in the Early Alpha stage. Bugs will show up, and very little content is implemented (such as time traveling).
About Internet Explorer
Until further notice, Soul Raver™ will not be made compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend Firefox.
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Game Updates and News


May 6:
Soulraver development is dead. Long live Soulraver :(

June 6:
Logging in is a thing again, sorry about that.

Minor Updates:

August 5:
The irc bot will be down 5-15, but feel free to come straight to the irc during that week instead ;D

August 29:
multiusing an item that gives monies no longer costs monies

November 4:
In between the previous update and now progress stopped completely. It has now resumed.

March 19:
Note the SR isn't entirely dead. Story and code are even being poked at on a fairly regular basis.

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