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This is the clique your player character will initially start at as. You can change your character's clique in the later game if you are dissatisfied.

The Jock:
Jocks love football, and that's about all they did in school, except girls. They don't like nerds, and they're more hateful of them then Frats; mostly because, after all, they have the calmness to at least consider why they dislike the nerds. Watching popular movies as well has honed their wit as well. Vote for Pedro, anyone?
The Goth:
First off, let's make this clear. Goths are not emos. Now, let's continue with this description. Goths are not weak by any means. I mean, just surviving a The Cure concert requires incredible willpower and strength! But while not rocking it out, they're learning how to make themselves more goth and sewing more black clothing; as a result they're pretty smart. Not smart enough to, say, occasionally try shooting their heads to summon demons, but at least smart enough to stop themselves.
The Hippy:
Hey, are you wearing a fur coat? You'd better hope not around the hippies, or you'll be smelling like a freshly painted wall in a few seconds. The hippies are very angry about all the bad things in this world, and will do anything to stop them, even if they can't. But hippies aren't all seriousness. Smoking pot and other drugs has made them awfully funny to be around, but only when they're high. Oh wait, that's all the time.
The Nerd:
010101000110100001100101. I mean, the nerd is a class all their own. Witty references to pop culture come like Klingon, and they're so smart they can tell you all the elements on the periodic table: in 30 seconds. No wonder Han shot first.
The Frat Boy/The Sorority Girl:
Hazing, drinking and partying: the breakfast of champions. Err… actually, more like the lifeblood of frats. Studying? Forget it. Beating up nerds? You can count on it! School is not what these frats are here for, after all. And when a professor gets in the way, they get mighty pissed.
The Loner:
They've closed their eyes, and seen when there isn't light. This makes them angry, because they think the world has betrayed them. When they got angry, though, they thought reading The Great Gatsby would calm them down, but it didn't help much. But reading it hundreds of times, criticizing and fixing its grammar in the margins has made the loners an intellectual force to be dealt with.

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