Soul Raver

Where am I?

Soul Raver was the idea for a game that was originally formulated by Zach "Jick" Johnson, the creator of the game Kingdom of Loathing. As he fleshed out the idea more with his friends on his ShoutCAST radio station, a few Kingdom of Loathing players decided to take the initiative and make the game a reality. You see it here, as it was intended. Most, if not all, the ideas that were created by Zach exist or will exist in this game in some form.

Soul Raver is a turn based RPG, which takes place on the campus of a college in Sweden. You are a regular student at Qwerzog University, taking classes and loitering around the college grounds, but you soon discover something amazing; a local professor named Doc has created a time machine and is allowing the campus to use it! The game follows with you exploring the space time continuum using this amazing device, and doing various funny and creative quests; no killing 100 big spiders here!

Come, Join Us! Join Us....

There are lots of reasons to check Soul Raver. Not only does the game feature time traveling, it also features several different interesting mechanics and some twists on the RPG genre. This isn't your regular Final Fantasy at all!

Soul Raver is in very early Alpha, so expect cataclysmic failure at any moment. We do not wipe accounts, but occasionally we will wipe items as we introduce new content. We update on a semi-daily basis; as we near completion of the game's largest mechanics we will make the game more interesting then it was before. Replayability? Yaaay!
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